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Farm tractor

The Farm Tractor - the necessary machinery in agriculture and construction

A farm tractor is an agriculture equipment designed to use in agriculture and construction application. Designed initially for agricultural works, the farm tractor was developed into a multi-functional piece of heavy equipment.

Farm Tractor : a short history

The history of modern Farm machinery has begun with the industrial revolution. In 1889, the first tractor was designed to replace the animal to draw the farm machinery; this American model of the Burger mark worked with oil. In 1892, the first model with gasoline (Froelich, USA) has appeared.

In the beginning of the 20th century, various technical improvements have appeared with the evolution of technology; the first crawler tractor in 1904 designed by the inventor and constructor of the steam and gasoline powered tractors, Benjamin Holt. In 1906, the first model that can operate a binding in 1906 (Gougis, France), the first vehicle chassis of cast iron, with 4-wheel steel of the Ford brand in 1917.

Farm tractor

Farm tractor

The use of Tractors in the world

The total number of agricultural tractors of all types operating in the world was 26.7 million in 2002. With 1 264 000 machine , the France ranks the 7th place of the major users, far behind the United States of Amercia that come first with 4 800 000 tractors.

Most important manufacturers of farm equipment in the world 

John Deere, the first manufacturer of farm machinery and garden equipment offers a wide range of farm tractors with multiple models.
This brand manufacturers all types of machinery including construction and forestry equipment. Many others manufacturers of farming machinery propose tractors such as Renault, Caterpillar, JCB, ...