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Antique tractor

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Antique tractor

Oldtimer Tractors: General Information

The first engine operated tractors appeared gradually after the First World War. This increased productivity and improved living conditions of farmers. The first tractors were bulky and very expensive equipment, which were driven by a steam engine. Later, compact diesel engines were developed, which were used for smaller tractors. Today, many of these first tractors are popular collector's items. Often these machines have seen a significant increase in value. As they represent history they are presented in rare collections. Old tractors are known as Oldtimer tractors, Yesterday’s Traktors, Vintage tractors or Antique Tractors. A tractor is considered to be an antique tractor after approximately 25 years. Younger models are considered as standard tractors.

A notable feature with the oldtimers is their handmade interior of wooden frames and carved windows, making them enviable collection pieces to date. Passionate collectors continue to draw inspiration from many of these antiques which are no longer in use today. Notable models in this category are David Brown, John Deere, Field Marshall, Normag, Case and Fiat.

Usually, vintage tractors are completely overhauled. But sometimes, old tractors were not used during decades or simply forgotten between other farm materials on huge farms. Restoration can be a very expensive task.

Antique tractor

Antique tractor


The mother of all innovations in agriculture was the Lanz steam locomobile, the first steam engine vehicle that was used for transportation. Their main uses of these tractors were very similar to the tractors uses today. They include were ploughing, planting, harvesting and threshing of wheat.