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Loader Cranes

Loader cranes


A loader crane can be referred to as the extension of a heavy lift vessel. They are common sight in most ports around the world and their main mission comes in the loading and offloading of heavy goods. The cargoes usually measure up to hundreds of tons.  That is the reason why the auxiliary crane comes in handy.

These hoisting extensions usually come in various forms in terms of specifications. The term auxiliary means that it acts as some back-up plan in case the primary crane fails to operate. The hoisting normally incorporates both the high speed and the lower rating cargoes. For a crane to work effectively, it definitely has to be composed of a strong and elastic material that withstands massive weights.

Loader Cranes

Loader Cranes


There are various brands out there of this type of crane. These brands are from different manufactures with each design having its own specifications and special features. The main brands include
Palfinger, Marrel, Hiab, Fassi, Effer, Atlas, Coma, Copma, PM, HMF, PK5001EH, F 33000 C, 1563 and more others. The brand name more or less states the capability of the crane: capability in terms of the number of tons it can uplift at a time.

Just like it has been mentioned above, the various models are from different manufacturers and countries. The most countries where these hoisting equipments are most common include France, Belgium, Netherlands and England.

Though they are often categorized as used auxiliary cranes, the equipments are still in good condition. Each make has its own figures in the country of its manufacture. For instance, The Hiab has a lifting toque of 9 in France while Atlas has a lifting toque of 3 in Belgium. It all depends on  the brand and the specifications of its manufacturer.