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Baler wrapper combination

Baller Wrapper -Superior Bale Packing Equipment


Previously, bale wrapping in plantation fields was done manually until the innovation of bail wrappers. The first automatic baler came in to use close to seventy years ago, after successive field engineering analysis the baler was made available in the market for the purchase. The Innovator of this equipment was Ed Nolt from Holland. The bale wrapper combination has over the years availed efficient silage or harvest produce packaging. This prevents nutritional loss, exposing the harvest to harsh conditions that might destroy the harvest. For enhanced efficiency bale wrap combination has been employed in quality silage packing as it affords prompt and improved silage sealing.


Combination baler wrapper combination comprise of a plunger that is driven on sealed bearings. The sealed bearings have adapted the balers' aptitude to achieve pack uniform bales in tight or dense packs. The equipment exclusive Power Pivot (PTO) enhances a fortified ability to cope with high capacity baling process. The combination baler is designed to work in all crop conditions. Additionally, the baler operates without hitches due to the high capacity gear drive Knotter that can efficiently ties hundreds of bales effectively. Other features that a farmer or combination baler user must implore in order to acquire efficient balers are :

• Adjustable packer fork.

• High-capacity feeding systems.

• Strong plunger

• Floating wind guard

• Rugged bale chamber

• Flotation tires

Baler wrapper combination

Baler wrapper combination

The baler wrapper combination balers come in several brands, and some of the top brands are:

1) 575 Gewitec 2002 made by John Deere from Netherlands

2) New Holland Br60902009 manufactured by celebrated agricultural machine manufacturing firm based in France, Netherlands, Germany, Romania and other parts of the globe.

3) Kverneland UN7558 1998 engineered in the United Kingdom

4) Vicon1 901OC 23 2007 from France

5) International 430 manufactured in 1990 from Romania

6) Welger RPC445 Tornado a variable and combination baler

7) Deutz Fahr Mp 130 from Belgium made in 2001

8) 255 uniwrap manufactured in 2006 by Claas in the United Kingdom

9) Fusion 2 from Netherlands made by agricultural machinery firm, Mc Hale

Other sub categories that are available are the round baler, large square baler and small square baler. You will never miss the right baler combination wrapper for your farm or other industrial utilities.