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Beet-Growing Equipment

Equipment For Beet Growing: General Information

While anybody can plant a patch of beets in their garden and harvest them, it isn’t the same when it has to be done on a commercial scale. Growing beet in a large scale is an arduous task but it is worth the trouble of planting and growing it because the entire plant (i.e. the foliage as well as the root) can be eaten. It is best to grow beet in cool weather but it can also tolerate heat. Beets are excellent sources of vitamin A and C and are therefore very healthy.

Different types of Equipment

The first equipment for beet growing that one should use is a machine that can get the soil prepared for planting. The equipment or machine should loosen up the soil until it achieves a loose texture in order to experience best results.

After this, another piece of equipment is used to plant the seeds. Likewise one would also find equipment for beet growing in the market that facilitates the spraying of pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers. Towards the end of the cultivation stage, a piece of farm equipment can be used for harvesting beet in a short span of time and in a convenient manner.

The equipment includes amongst others self-propelled harvesters, beet conveyors, integral beet harvester, lifter, loader and defoliators that are all designed for the growing beet.

Beet-Growing Equipment

Beet-Growing Equipment


In the United Kingdom, it would be a wise choice to go for equipment for beet growing from companies like WKM, Holmer and Agrifac. If cost is a problem for one then one can purchase a second hand machine. Matrot and Franquet are French companies that offer excellent equipment for beet growing as well. People generally tend to purchase self-propelled harvesters because these are one of the most useful equipment. Gilles, a company in Belgium also provides excellent equipment in this regard.Other firms are Barigelli, Kleine, Fontani and Cebecco.