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Bundle raiser

Bundle Raiser: General Information

The Bundle Raiser is farm equipment used in carrying bundles of hay and other fodder on the farm. The latest of bundle raisers are automatic as they are equipped with hydraulic systems that make the handling and controlling of the equipment much easier. This is an essential kind of equipment to have on your farm as it makes the work of lifting hay and other fodder easier when trying to load it or even move it.

The bundle raiser is related to other subcategories used as handling. They include all-terrain forklifts, telescopic handlers, front-end loaders, compact loaders, warehouse trucks, wheel loaders, forks and buckets, platforms and many more. All these handling equipment arte meant to make the loading of farm products and other heavy duty materials easier.

Bundle raiser

Bundle raiser


It’s not proved who invented the Bundle Raser. However, it is closely related to the log raiser that was invented by Mark D. Grover and Thomas C. Shaffer of Ukiah, California, on which the same mechanism and technology is applied. It would be safe to say that the bundle raiser and the log raiser are cousins as they both use the same technology and their designs are the same in many ways.


There are many companies that deal with manufacturing of the bundle raiser. However it is better when you go for manufacturers that are known globally. Bale Bandit of United Kingdom is one such manufacturer with worldwide recognition. Others are Pince Bugnot Carolev, Calvet and Manubal all of France. The most important producer of bundle raisers is Amazone.There are a few factors that may help you determine the kind of bundle raiser to go for. Mostly, the bundle raisers differ in terms of year of production. The more modern models provide better handling capabilities and capacities. The hydraulic systems are also more advanced as compared to older models of bundle raisers.