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Cereal tipping trailer

Cereal tipping trailer (used for agriculture only)

Trailers are powerful vehicles that fall into various categories. They are strong, versatile and have an incredible ability to maneuver with ease. Cereal tipping trailers are built from aluminum to ensure that they are light yet able to undertake big loads. They are exceptionally durable and have reinforced design for multi-purpose uses. They are cost effective and renowned to give many years of reliable service.

The functional dimension of a tipping trailer is built in such a way that it is easy to operate and does not need further maintenance. A single tipping ram is a component of the modern tipping trailer and has proved to be the most popular method in Europe today. It makes tipping and loading of grains or cereal faster. The loading height is maintained at a low level for optimal stability hence reducing the time taken to load. It is built with a fully integrated chassis and specialized undercarriage design.

Modern invention in the tipping trailer has witnessed the unveiling of the “eye”. This is a remarkable ingenuity first introduced by Larrington Trailers. The “eye” is a full width removable plastic screen which gives excellent vision for the driver while inside the trailer which helps him reduce damage to the crop during loading. Another concept of having the back door makes it easy to open the tailgate by the 2 folding doors, the twin closing and cereal wickets.

Cereal tipping trailer

Cereal tipping trailer


The first invention of the cereal tipping trailer was in 1948 at the first innovator’s factory in Rochester, United Kingdom, famously renown as JCB (Joseph Cyril Bamford ). He is among the top five leaders in agricultural equipment production and design. A group of only six people, working at the factory, made the first hydraulic tipping trailer.


Other leaders in agricultural machinery competing with similar ingenuity include The Larrington Trailers whose headquarters are in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom. Mercedes follows next with its newest wonder of the 1:50 Massey Ferguson 8690 front loader. IVECO (Industrial Vehicle Corporation) whose head office is in Turin, Italy is a leader in its brand as well, followed by Renault whose base is in France. Other brands are Bailey and Krampe.