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Chisel plow

Chisel Plow : General Information

A chisel plough is agricultural machinery that achieves a deeper and more intensive tillage. The chisel plough loosens the soil while leaving crop residue on top of the field. The loosening is providing ideal conditions for seeds to germinate. The ploughs are steel framed construction with hydraulics and set at 12 inches apart with a maximum depth of 18 inches. Spikes or sweeps are mounted on the frame and guarantee the loosening of sturdier soils. Moreover, the chisel plow works quickly than other plooughs. The reason for sub-soil compaction can be the use of ploughs or other heavy machinery. Chisel Plows are pulled by self-propelled machines like tractors.

Chisel plow

Chisel plow


The most important manufacturers for chisel ploughs are Razol, Unia, Vogel&Noot, John Deere, Fliegl, Kongskilde and Kverneland.