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Combine Drill (harrow + drill, etc.)

Combine Drill (harrow and drill): General information

A combine drill (harrow + drill) is an agricultural equipment that is widely used to break soil clods, stir the soil particles and cover seeds when sown as it is drawn over plowed land. In other words it is a machine that combines various equipments. It is used by large scale farmers to sow seeds such as wheat, maize, barley, millet among others. Its advantages are that it sows seeds in orderly furrows and that it is time saving.

In most cases, it is usually a heavy implement that is made of metal pieces that cross each other. However, there are others with pieces of timber depending on the manufacturer. It is huge, heavy and detailed in that it has tires, attached cables and a stand made of metal bars that helps it stand on its own when not attached to a tractor. It is used during planting seasons to drill furrows, sow seeds and cover them with soil. Thanks to its weight, it is conveniently pulled by a tractor.

Combine Drill (harrow + drill, etc.)

Combine Drill (harrow + drill, etc.)


The first of its kind was invented by British inventor Jethro Tull in the year 1701. It was drawn by three horses but recent modifications which have rendered it heavy makes a tractor the most preferred for pulling it. A modern combine drill (harrow+ drill), since it drills and harrows, is more efficient and thus detailed than the one invented by Tull. There are different sub categories depending on the intended use : the direct seed drill, central wheel disc harrow, multi disc harrow, forage crops seed drill, globe type disc harrow, offset disc harrow and offset disc harrow.


There are many manufacturers of the combine drill (harrow+drill) thus the many different brands available on the market. The main manufacturers of this tool are such as Rabe, Kongskilde, Kuhn, Amazone, Kverneland, Horsch and Lemken among others. Despite the different manufacturers, there are somewhat negligible variations in the tools.