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Cutting bar for combine harvester

Combine Harvester accessories: Cutting bar

The cutting bar is an accessories for a combine harvester which is mounted to it's front. This machine is used in harvesting grain crops such as wheat, rice, oats, wheat, rye, barley. It systematically reduces the amount of time needed to harvest the crop from the field. The Cutting bar is a cylinder formed bar that is equipped with blades that are shaped in different forms. These blades are the first equipment of the combine harvester that get in touch with the un-mown crop.

The main parts of the cutter bar are the harvester blade, cutter article, harvester finger and blade pressure device. The fingers, also commonly known as the teeth, are the part used in cutting. The other parts are involved in moving the blade from side to side. The blade is normally made of 65 Mn, while the fingers may be made of precision-casting steel.

Once cut, the stalk is pushed back by augers. It then falls into the threshing drum, hits the cut crops to break and separate the grains. The grains fall into the sieves and into a collecting tank that is located underneath. The chaff, on the other hand, is conveyed into the straw walkers. The process is repeated until the tank is full.

Cutting bar for combine harvester

Cutting bar for combine harvester


Hiram Moore, an America, developed the first combine in 1934. The machine, however, first went commercial in 1985, when an Australian, Hugh Victor McKay, developed the Sunshine Harvester. The early models were ox-drawn. Things have, however, changed and the current ones are mechanically powered. The most important part of the combine is the header, which is removable and designed to be crop specific. On its back is found the cutter bar, which extends its entire width. When in operation, it moves back and forth, hence, cutting the stalk at ground level.


One can have the cutter bar, together with the header, custom-made to suit their farming needs. Some of the common manufactures of cutting bar (of a combine harvester) include John Deere (UK), Biso (UK), Geringhoff (France), Claas and New Holland, which is based in France. It is possible to make orders from any manufacture if in needs of new heads. Alternatively, you can also find cheap second-hand models.