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Distribution trailer

Distribution trailer: General Information

A distribution trailer is a vehicle with technical facilities and that is pulled by a tractor. It is specifically used to load fodder. The equipment in the trailer shredders and mixes the content in the truck, obtaining the weight capacity of the contents while still ensuring that the weight is not overbearing of the contents and distributing to the various stations. Through the fact that the fodder is crushed and mixed , it is impossible for the cattle to select food or to eat only some components.

A hitch is used to mount the weight on the distribution trailer. This depends mainly on the tongue weight. This is the amount of weight the hitch can carry without additional help. The weight can be mounted on one or two levers depending on the type of trailer. Hence afterwards, check the weight the trailer can fully accommodate then gauge this with the weight distribution. For instance a trailer that can distribute 10000 pounds of weight can be matched up with an 800 tongue weight.

Distribution trailer

Distribution trailer

Benefits of a distribution trailer

Between high quality distribution trailers you will find double freight trailers as they maintain and improve the quality of the freight. This is achieved through the two levers that ensure that the weight is evenly distributed increasing the capacity of hauling. Such trailers are used to ferry electronics, glassware, furniture etc. It is most preferred as more goods are distributed and costs are cut. Distribution trailers are nowadays used by many companies due to their vast benefits especially due to the increased capacity of weight loading whilst carbon dioxide emissions are reduced.


Campbell and Mckinnon in 1997 investigated the one deck trailer and came up with better ideas to convert it to the double deck distribution trailer. Some of the well-known manufacturers of distribution trailers are France, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Ukraine etc. Some of the most famous manufacturers in Europe and North America are Keenan, Jeulin, Jeantil, Dussau, Brochard and Gyrax.