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Farm trailer

Types And Uses Of A Farm Trailer: General Information

A farm trailer is important equipment used for agricultural purposes. Invented by John Froelich in the year 1892, the equipment is basically used and constructed according to the needs of farming. However, a trailer can be used for several other purposes such as construction. But in general a farm trailer is particularly designed for agriculture. It is an arrangement specifically meant for providing high tractive power for hauling and towing, even if the tractor is not very fast. This equipment is quite simple, but they allow security and safety when moving heavy loads. In addition to agriculture, they are also useful in construction and other industries which require movement of heavy weights and loads. Due to their varied benefits and uses, these equipment is available in a variety of versions as per the end use.

Farm trailer

Farm trailer

Subcategories and manufacturers

Trailers are classified on the basis of loads they carry. Class I trailers are capable of carrying 2000 IBs in weight, class 2 3500 IBs, class 3 and 4 between 5000 and 10000 IBs. Class I trailers are mostly preferred by individual farmers who have small plots of land for hauling and towing activities. Big industries that have large plots of land employ heavy duty class 3 and class 4 trailers to tackle heavy workloads and bulky objects.

Different types of farm trailers are used for different purposes. For instance, a cereal tipping trailer is used in farms engaged in cereal farming; Massey Ferguson (UK) and Bailey (UK) being top brands offering cereal tipping farm trailers. Grape harvest trailer is used for harvesting grapes. Chemo (UK) and Larippe (France) are top companies manufacturing grape harvest trailers. Similarly, livestock trailers are used for transporting living livestock as for example cows, pigs or horses, or in general animal used in farming activities. Williams (UK), Masson and Cosnet (France) are leading brands of livestock trailers.

Thus, a farm trailer is an essential equipment for a range of farming activities. According to the desired usage, you can use a particular type of farm trailer to serve the purpose.