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Fertiliser spreader

Fertiliser spreader: General Information

The fertiliser spreader was first invented in 1899 by Oppenheim and Henry Synck. It is farm equipment used to dispense fertiliser on fields. When procuring one, the most crucial factor to consider is the size of your lawn. A hand spreader for example is suitable to deal with a small lawn while a larger lawn does require a fertiliser spreader that evenly distributes the amount of fertiliser.

Operating a fertiliser spreader

While operating the fertiliser spreader, you should follow the instructions set by the manufacturer. They include when to apply the fertiliser, settings in place before application, the amount to use and the procedure to follow after application. The spreader is usually attached to a tractor. A hopper resembling the shape of a cone is in place to facilitate the movement of the fertiliser through the cone where another attachment resembling a fan blade that is rotating, disperses the fertiliser to the land.

New spreaders caters for land that are neither too large to warrant a ride as well as not too small to use a walk behind. This type of spreader possesses straps that are attached to the body. They come in different colors, sizes and shapes. The spreader is placed on the front side of the body and run through a mechanism of hand cracking. This spreader is best suited for land having a lot of trees, pathways etc. as the fertiliser is confined where it is most needed.

Another type of spreader is the broadcast fertiliser spreader that operates on a two wheel cart that you are required to push. The spreader has a tub and a lever in place. The lever is used to broadcast the fertiliser through the holes in the tub onto the property. The holes are adjustable depending on the amount of fertiliser you intend to broadcast.

Fertiliser spreader

Fertiliser spreader


The main manufactures of the fertilizer spreader are situated in the United Kingdom. They include Kuhn, Amazone, Vicon and Lely.