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Forage platform trailer

Forage Platform Trailer: General Information

A Forage platform trailer is an essential equipment and worth having in every farm. It is a large wheeled vehicle that is attached to either a tractor or truck. The design of the platform trailer varies depending on the country of origin, manufacturer’s specifications and overall size. Despite the difference in its design, the forage platform trailer has its main function as transportation of fodder. Its functionality explains the reason why it is mainly used in both large and small animal farms. Animal feed production companies also find the forage platform trailer quite useful. Forage is simply loaded onto the platform trailer that is attached to the truck or a trailer. This is then transported comfortably to the targeted destination.


It is believed that the platform trailer was invented in the early 1900’s. Winston, the inventor of the trailer concept, initially used a wheeled cart that was attached to an automobile. The platform where the transported items were placed would then be fixed on the cart. Progressive increase in technology over the years has resulted in the present day sophisticated equipment. The forage platform trailer lacks subcategories but is classified differently depending on its length, shape and design.

Forage platform trailer

Forage platform trailer


Manufacturers of the forage platform trailer are quite numerous. Different countries have major manufacturing companies that make the equipment. In Europe, the main manufacturer is Mercedes Benz Trucks, McCauley and La Littorale. In the United States of America, the main manufacturers are American Foleman, Ford now Sterling and Volvo trucks among many others. The Asian countries have Mitsubishi Company in Japan as the main manufacturer. All the manufacturers are valuable to the farm owners since they provide equipments that meet the specifications of the farm owners. However, the American countries are the main ones since they supply the highest number of forage platform trailers.