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Silage Feeder - Straw Blower

Silage Feeder - Straw Blower : General Information

Forage wagons are used to shredder grass and crop that were pressed to silage or straw bales, they are mounted on a self-propelled vehicle such as a tractor that fills them at the same time. Bales are placed in the shredder and cut into small shreds in an even flow. The shredded material is blown out by a spout. This spout can point to several directions. So you can chose whether you want to conduct it in the barn, fill it into a container or simply leave it in the forage wagon. Often, the shredded material is used directly to feed livestock. Straw shredders also spread straw on the floor for bedding and can be adapted to do several things by adding the appropriate kit.

Silage Feeder - Straw Blower

Forage wagon - straw shredder


The combination of forage wagons and straw shredders was started by Claude Jeulin in 1953 and is a family run company that was specializing in the manufacture of cattle breeding equipment. The company based in France has two production sites with a network of distributors all over Europe.


Teagle Machinery Ltd Started on a farm in the west of England in 1944 selling equipment locally and growing into a global company. Today the company sells machinery all over the world. New Holland is part of the global group CNH a majority owned subsidiary of Fiat it is the leading manufacture of agricultural equipment in the world. Gyrax is a leading French Manufacturer of agricultural machinery delivering an innovative and reliable service for over 30 years. The company is constantly developing and regularly registers patents for their new products. Lucas has manufactured agricultural machinery since 1971 and was created by Gustave Lucas. The company specializes in building straw-bedders, paddle mixes and feeders.