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Silage Feeder

Silage Feeder: General information

A Forage wagon is a trailer used to transfer farm harvests on the farm. It is used to transport silage (fermented feeds) and fresh leaves to store areas such as silos and barns. Farms where animals are raised also use this farm equipment to deliver animal fodder to the required locations on the farms. It consists of the side boards (where the load is contained), the cover at the top (optional), the beaters (which are dangerous if not properly used), the shift lever and linkage (which engages and disengages the beaters), the power take-off shafts, the speed control device and the wheels.

Forage wagons are pulled by tractors. They are either self-loading wagons or wagons that are loaded by other machinery. During set-up a speed control lever is placed between the forage wagon and the blower. The operator must take care not to walk between tractors, because accidents occur when rotating power take off lines are stepped upon. Some forage wagons are front unloads, some are rear unloads while others are both. There is also the trap door silage feeder which operates an automatic unloading system and the self-loading type of wagon. Forage wagons are durable because of their builds and functions.

Silage Feeder

Forage wagon

Buying a forage wagon

It is true that the amount of farm harvest determines the capacity of forage wagon to purchase however, the size of the driving tractor must also be considered. An extra function like integrated weighing system may come with an extra cost. Regular daily, monthly and annual maintenance practices must be carried out on this farm equipment. This helps maximize its operating potentials. Tyres must be checked regularly to determine the wear. Parts with bolts and nuts must be tightened regularly and the parts where friction can occur must be lubricated. Good cleaning practice and proper storage after use make them last even longer. It is important to repair or replace worn out parts as at when due. Overloading the equipment should be avoided. It is good to read and understand the manual for proper use of this farm equipment.


Notable manufacturers of forage wagons are Schuitemaker, Strautmann, Mengele, Tarrup, Pottinger, Lucas, Kuhn, Quantum, Vicon, Krone and JF-Stoll.