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Forestry mower

Forestry Mower: General Information

The Forestry Mower is also known as the Tree Stump Grinder in other quarters. This is a grinding apparatus that is mounted to the boom of a tractor or earth moving equipment depending on its size. It consists of a drum or disc like wheel with teeth on its face that is cylindrical and side surface. It is used to in mowing areas with big tree stumps that prove a challenge getting rid of. The teeth shred the stump. The Forestry Mower is very fast when it comes to clearance of forests. It more effective and efficient compared to digging out a stump from the ground.


The Forestry Mower was invented by Silvio Bot of Oakville, California in 1994. Its main aim was to make clearance of forests much easier to open way to development without necessarily compromising on the soil quality. The Forest Mower’s closest relatives are the Horizontal Axis Shredder, Verge Mower, Hedge Mower, Vertical Axis Shredder, Stone Crusher, Wood Chippers, Haulm Toppers, Flail Mowers and others. They are related because they all use the shred technology. This basically means they all have shredders.

Forestry mower

Forestry mower


The Forestry mower is manufactured by world renowned heavy duty machinery manufacturers. The manufacturers include Gyrax, Quivogne, Plaisance and Fecon all from France. AWHI of Belgium and New Holland are also popular manufacturers of the Forestry Mower. The Forest mowers come in different models. There are those that can tackle smaller forests while others can tackle fully grown forests and completely clear them. The ability of the mower depends on its size and materials used in its manufacture. The motor that runs it is also determines its use i.e. heavy duty or semi heavy duty. Year of manufacture also plays a great role when purchasing such a mower. Capabilities are enhanced as time goes by hence the latest the model the better performance expected.