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Grape harvest trailer

Grape Harvest Trailer : General information

Grape harvesting trailers have been around since the harvesting of grapes, from wooden horse drawn carts for transporting harvest baskets and barrels to hydraulic processing trailers. Some trailers are made of aluminum, galvanized and stainless steel and have water tight compartments that tip up hydraulically whilst others are off-loaded with a forklift truck.

Flat bottomed trailers carry huge plastic containers for catching the grapes from the conveyor of a mechanical harvester. Hopper shaped trailers are used in hand harvesting, buckets of grapes are tipped into them, once the trailer is full, it transports the grape to fermenting vats ready for the fermentation process.

Trailers can have a single or a double axel. They are usually towed with designs that carry independent or fixed water tight sealed containers. Engineering manufactures are flexible in their design specification and create some standard products with a vast array of options for the buyer.

Grape harvest trailer

Grape harvest trailer


Designed to use Falland bins only.The standard model can load up to 3 tons and has a low deck for hand picking fruit. Hydraulic 1 is a tilt trailer for winding on the bins reducing the reliance of a forklift loader. Hydraulic 2 this is the lowest of the models, hydraulics gently lift off the bin reducing spillage of juice.

BINMAX Grape Harvest Trailer

The Binmax has a 3 ton capacity and travels in unison with the bin loaded and on to the truck tray, reducing double handling. Hydraulic offset drawbar optimizes the bin's position, easily adaptable for several types of bins, entirely operated from the tractor. Binmax is exceptionally sturdy loading bins when they are empty or full.


Gimbre is France’s leading grape harvest trailer manufacture in the Bordeaux region.Models include Ogive pump trailers, Monocoque, sliding, lifting and direct bottom trailers.


Enoss Equipments offers customized grape harvesting trailers in different sizes and capacities, corrosion free stainless steel and durable with volumetric pump hydraulic lifting and direct loading.


Aim offers twin bin picking trailer used for hand harvesting, 50 cubic-foot 2,200 pounds of grapes in each bin. Reversible axel, steel constructed forklift compatible.