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Grape harvesting machine

Grape Harvesting Machine: General information

A grape harvesting machine is a useful machine for harvesting grapes. Shaulis invented this innovative machine in 1961. Usually, a grape harvesting machine is a pull ground machine designed to harvest a range of bushes mechanically. The machine is attached to a tractor for harvesting grapes. A typical grape harvester is suitable for smaller plantings and young bushes. However, there are certain heavy duty machines which can be employed for harvesting large plantings.

Technical Information

A grape harvester features an easy drawer pin mount so that it can be easily attached with a tractor for harvesting. These machines have fully adjustable hydraulic drive on the rotary or sway type picking mechanism. Similarly, they come with gentle picking and catcher pan action. Due to these features, they ensure high quality fruit harvesting with low ground loss. Most of these machines come with about 30 mm lift in order to adjust with uneven bush height as well as uneven ground. The operator can easily control and adjust the lift as per bush height and ground specifications.

A simple machine is ideal for harvesting a small plot of land. However, large plots of land with uneven ground and varying bush height require a more sophisticated machine for effective harvesting. Individual farmers who have a small bush with small plantings choose a simple machine. Organizations, engaged in grape harvesting, that have big plots with large plantings employs highly sophisticated heavy duty equipment that come with excellent features to ensure quick harvesting of grapes.

Grape harvesting machine

Grape harvesting machine


These machines are widely used in European countries that have wide variety of grape vineyards, especially France. Many companies including Braud, New Holland, Pellenc, Gregoire, Volentieri and Ero are engaged in manufacturing a range of grape harvesting machines. France, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Spain and Germany are top countries that produce and supply this useful machine.