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Hand mower

Hand Mower: General information

Mowing means trimming or cutting down plants. A hand mower is a garden tool that is used for the purpose of cutting grass. It is also known as hand operated lawn mower. A typical hand mower consists of a bladed cylinder for cutting (number of blades varies between three and seven), a contact surface, side wheels for easy movement, a handle to hold on to and a collection box (which is optional but saves time for those who pick and pack grass clippings). Some hand mowers spray grass clippings forward while others spray backwards. The fine textured grass cuttings produced by hand mowers can be left on the lawn as soil nutrient.

It uses the power of movement and cuts grasses as it is pushed along the lawn or is powered by an engine. There exist, however, also corded or cordless electric mowers. A hand mower is also eco-friendly unlike its powererd with fuel or electricity. It does not pollute the environment with noise and emissions.

Hand mower

Hand mower


The main manufacturers of hand mowers are John Deere, Allet, Atco, Herkules, Vikon, Viking, Kaaz and Wolf.