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Hay handling

Hay Handling Equipment

Along with the other sectors, cattle and farming industry has also seen technology give it better, sturdier and durable equipment. This equipment has made farming and cattle rearing easier and also more cost-effective. Among the procedures that require care for avoiding spoiling and losing of material is hay handling. Hay handling Equipment is all equipment used for processing hay in order to produce fodder for animals.

Hay or handling of hay, straw or silage can be tricky. One procedure may be to roll the hay into bales after the collection, then it can take the shape of either rectangular or cylindrical of different sizes. The machines used for this procedure are the round baler and square baler.

Hay handling

Hay handling


In the 19th Century till the early 20th Century, hay was cut by scythes. Once cut, it was dried in the sun and then put on wagons that were gathering it loosely. Then, haying of this collected hay was done by mowers. But as time changed and with the advent of agricultural machinery like the tractor and the baler, hay production became mechanized from 1930 onwards. With Modernization, mechanized hay production is done with the help of a number of machines. For operations on small scale, tractors have become the instrument of choice while for bigger and larger operations, special machines like the mower or tedder cut the hay and arranged it. To turn these into bale, special balers are used that could take various forms as per the use.


There are many manufactures that have provided the agricultural world with various models of this hay handling equipment. Some notable ones have been the handmade ones and apart from these manufactures from Germany, France, Belgium, Italy and even Netherlands plunged into this market. Models of the company Trioliet and Calvet have been in the market from quite some time now. Similarly, the Sperry- New Holland models too have been in use right from 1975. Renualt and Samas firms have come out with models that have been in good name in this market. The recent years have seen models come out from the units of OCE firm and the Kiwa-Gach with each rolling out a latest model in 2011 and 2010 respectively.