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Head locks

Head Locks used for livestock: General Information

Head locks are very useful equipment in livestock farming. Head locks are made out of metal bars. Cows can put their heads through it. If one were raising dairy cows then these are definitely necessary, because the cattle requires a lot of routine treatments and check-ups in order to stay in the best of health. In freestall barns cows are not attached. Therefore, it becomes quite a challenging task to find a certain cow and to treat it individually. Therefore using head locks or self-locking headgates are very much essential. Moreover, feeding becomes easier as the cows are separated.

When engaged in livestock farming, the health of the livestock is important. Therefore each and every cow requires individual attention and check-ups in case the cow is suffering from a disease or illness.

According to some studies, head locks can also reduce the cost of food to be consumed by the livestock since the animals that are using such head locks do not eat as much as animals in rail-feed barriers. While one may automatically reach to the conclusion that the feed intake by the livestock is less but it is actually because there is no unnecessary loss of food. Since the heads of the animals are restrained in head locks therefore they are not able to toss or drop the feed into the scrape alley.

Head locks

Head locks


When purchasing head locks, one can go for hand-made ones or industry-produced ones. Some of the popular French companies that offer head locks are Matis, Agritubel, Jourdain, Agrimat, etc.