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Hedge mower

Hedge Mower: General Information

Hedges are meant to be pruned and trimmed regularly otherwise their growth can go out of hand and it may not look neat. If you want to mow or prune the woody growth of hedges then a hedge mower. Some hedge mowers are so powerful that they can even trim trees! Gone are the days when people use to take giant axes and manually trim their hedges, these days with the sheer amount of cutting edge hedge mowers available in the market, one no longer has to do this arduous and energy-sapping task manually by oneself.

A hedge mower will usually come with sharp mower blades which would be driven by hydraulic motors for cutting the vegetation. At times, additional set of rotating blades may be added for cutting the clippings in even tinier pieces. If you want a mower which would work on the front, top and back of the hedge then a hedge mower with a triple rotating head would be ideal. Before getting this kind of machinery, find something out about its specifications to find out if it is going to suit your purpose or not. One must always do this when purchasing power machineries because it would be a waste of money to get something which isn’t that powerful for performing the job you intended to assign to it.

A hedge mower generally looks like a mini golf car, except it comes with a crane-like extension that moves towards the side for trimming the hedges or bush. This kind of mower is generally not required for domestic purpose but if you happen to have a massive lawn or garden then the machine would indeed prove to be useful. Hedge mowers are generally used for commercial purposes.

Hedge mower

Hedge mower


 The best-selling brands of hedge mowers from the United Kingdom are Bomford and Mc Connel. If you wish to venture outside UK companies then go for Orsi, Noremat, Kuhn, Brunel, Lagarde, Rosseau or Nicolas. All these are French companies which are reputed for manufacturing top quality hedge mowers. Take a look at some of their products to get a gist of it. It is easy to purchase second hand models, as they are often sold on Internet Platforms like Agriaffaires.