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Irrigation equipment

Irrigation System: General Information

When it comes to watering the fields, gardens, plants, your hydroponic or aquaporin projects; here is what you should know:

First, you need to know what type of irrigation equipment you need and how it is used. Second, you should know the main characteristics of each subcategory and last, you should be aware of who the main manufactures are.


We may define irrigation equipment as agricultural devices designed for efficient watering control of dry land for farming and gardening. It is believed, that it was in 5,000 B.C in Egypt, that the first ancient civilization used irrigation in order to divert precious water from the Nile river.

Irrigation equipment

Irrigation equipment


You will benefit as you continue to read some general descriptions of the subcategories as a first step in getting the ideal equipment in order to avoid mistakes that people often make when choosing irrigation systems.

Some machinery used as irrigation systems are drums, pumps and pipes.

A drum is a hose reel of different dimensions that can be coiled up and carried by a tractor. It is a convenience way to water your soil terrain when your water supply or source is far away. Among the most important manufactures for drums, we have Irrifrance and Bauer Perrot.

A Pump It is a very versatile device which main function in agriculture is boosting water pressure and/or drawing water from different types of source like rivers, creeks, tanks, etc. Pumps come in different sizes and power. The power depends on your water pressure you need. The most important brands for pumps are Tuyaux and Bauer Perrot.

Pipes are tubes of different diameter that are made of different material such as aluminum, PVC, and polyethylene which make them very versatile for dripping irrigation. This way of watering is the most cost-effective and very durable. The most important manufacturers for pipes are Calpeda and Sirtec.

It is always good to keep in mind that there is a great diversity of irrigation equipment; therefore, it is just smart and worthy to see all the detailed information we provide you on our site; so you can get the right fit for your business.