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Lawn tractor

Lawn Tractor: General information

A lawn-tractor does the same job as a home lawn mower, but it was especially designed for mowing wide areas of grass as the driver can sit on it. This machinery is a self-propelled vehicle. It can be used in gardens, parks and other domains.

When cutting grass with a lawn tractor, the cut grass will usually come out of the side or back of the tractor, remaining on the field, however some models do have grass catching attachments available. Many models will also allow the driver to attach other devices such as snow ploughs, kemper headers or other cutting bars to the front of the vehicle or behind it. This makes them versatile enough to be used during the whole year. Models with higher engine power are usually also capable of being used for towing, making them useful as for example a garden tractor in other respects.

A special form of the this tractor is the zero-turn mower, this is a rotary mower, which is primarily used in North America for the professional care of big areas. In order to protect the driver in the case of accidents, some models are equipped with cabins or protection frames.

Lawn tractor

Lawn tractor


The first lawn mower was created by Edwin Budding back in 1827. Mowing-Technology has changed a lot since the early 19th century. Whilst the look and propulsion of modern machines is very different to Edwin Budding’s invention, the way in which they work, driving knives on a cutting cylinder, is actually very similar to the way many modern machinery. As modern tractors were soon equipped with engines, the manufacturers quickly equipped the mowers with seats, steering-wheel and more horse power.


There are many different makes and models of lawn tractors. The one most suitable for your needs will depend on both your budget and your requirements. A lawn tractor with a wide cutting width will cut your lawn more quickly. Some of the leading manufacturers of lawn tractors include Amazone, Castelgarden, Etesia, Gianni Ferrari, and Kubota.