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Liquid manure spreader

Liquid Manure Spreaders: General Information

Liquid fertilizer spreaders (or honeywagons, as they are referred to in the trade) are agricultural vehicles that pumps out horse or cattle manure to fertilise the soil for the next harvest. They usually come in the form of a truck or tractor mounted trailer, and spread the fertilizer with a rotating mechanism that is driven by the vehicle's power take off. The liquid fertilizer is filled in a tank at the barnyard. As a result, the manure makes the fields more fertile which ensures a bigger quantity of harvested crops. It can be as well use to spread all other type of liquids such as toxic chemicals.


The first automated manure spreader was designed by Joseph Kemp in 1875 in Waterloo, Canada. He subsequently sold the design to International Harvester in 1906.Henry Synck patented several improvements on Kemp's design in the 1920s and the design revolutionized the agricultural industry, automating the spread of manure and thus making farmer's work much easier.

Liquid manure spreader

Liquid manure spreader

Buying a liquid manure sprayer and Manufacturers

The price of liquid manure spreaders varies greatly. It can range anywhere between £10,000 to 90,000 depending on the manufacturer, condition and size. The best manufacturers of this equipment obviously tend to be at the higher end of the price scale, with the likes of Brimont, Rolland, Samson, Kotte and Holmer. These are your high end, high capacity spreaders, and it would be a wise investment if you are looking for a machine that will last for many years and never go wrong. If however, you are working on a smaller budget, it is worth looking at manufacturers such as Eckart and Briri. This is the mid range of the liquid manure spreading arsenal, and would definitely be the way to go if you aren't looking to blow nearly 100K on a manure spreader. These may perhaps need more regular servicing than a high-end machine, but for the massive saving is definitely worth it. You can pick up spreaders at very budget prices (around £5,000), but these could be damaged equipment which is in need of [possibly] some repair work or most certainly a good service, and these would be the low end of our scale.

It is worth waiting until the harvest season is over if you are looking for the best price, you can get some great deals armed only with google and some time.