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Liquid storage

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Liquid storage

Tank For Liquid Storage: General information

Tanks for liquid storage are particularly useful in case of factories , industries and agriculture. They mostly come in the shape of cylinders but there are few companies which might produce them in other shapes as well. A typical tank for liquid storage might be independent or it may come along with a steel or metal cage for the purpose of making it extra sturdy.

Steel is the main material that is used for making liquid storage tanks. They can be used for storing water in case of municipal corporations or next to fields as the water may be used to water the crops. These containers are made extra strong so that it won’t get damaged easily and it keeps leaks at bay. Water, as we all know, can be extremely heavy when in huge amounts therefore these tanks should be highly strong in order to put up with the weight of the water.

Liquid storage

Liquid storage


At times storage containers can also be used for storing compressed gas. As far as the shape is concerned, the top of the tank for liquid storage can have an open top or a closed top. There are more options in case of the bottom part of the tank. The bottom can be a dish bottom, a flat bottom, a slope bottom or a cone bottom. When buying a tank one should take note that it should be able to easily withstand hydraulic hydrostatically created pressure of contained water or liquid.


As far as the company for this is concerned, one has a lot of options to choose from. Well known companies would be Renson, Beiser, Moulac, etc.