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Meadow aerator

Meadow aerator: General information

A Meadow aerator is farming machinery that is used in gardens and on fields in order to remove weed and aerate the soil. Many small gardens use these option to protect their grassland against such problems. The meadow aerator has a lengths of 1,20 m to 5,40 m. It is often linked to a self-propelled machine such as a tractor.

The leaves are made of treated  2 coats steel that is painted and it is shot blasted. That means that they are made of special steel that allows it to increase resistance. The structure and tools have galvanized machine. They have some standard features that include:

• a hydraulic hitch by round rod

• robot manufacturing in order to increase the resistance

Garden aerator include:

Three tool row (BF-R2A) that is used to spread and also aerate dung with ease. It has a flame that supports one raw of paddles and two rows of the tines that are flexible which are on a semi- flexible leaves.

The four tool rows (BF-R3S2) - this levels  aerates and spreads dung with a lot of ease. It has a raw of scrappers  a row of spreading paddles that are on very flexible and two row of lines that are flexible that are on semi flexible leaves. This is supported by a flame from the folded plates.

Fully galvanized- it has all the elements like the frame  accessories and paddles. These elements are fully galvanized in order to enhance longevity.


Meadow aerator

Meadow aerator


Main manufacturers and models include of the meadow aerator include: Mandam, Schweiger, Joskin, Niwa, Buwalda, Fricke und Hatzenbichler from Germany.