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Milk tank

Milk tank: General Information

A milk tank serves as a vessel for keeping milk either for cooling purposes or for storage. The tanks in the milk sector are preferably made of stainless steel. This is due to its non-corrosive properties as well as the fact that it is more hygienic.

The main purpose of cooling milk tanks is to keep the milk at temperatures conducive for transportation later on. Such tanks are known to contain two layers of stainless steel both as the inner and outer covering for long lasting and protective measures. These tanks possess a system for cleaning that entails regular cleaning after usage. The temperatures within the milk tank are always monitored to ensure the milk contained is conducive for consumption or usage.

Milk tank properties

Another desirable property of the stainless steel milk tank is its capability of expanding as well as ability to conduct thermal energy. Corrosion is a major concern and this has been dealt through the presence of chromium in the milk tank that enables creation of a top layer to deter this as well as maintain the milk tank in neutral conditions.

Milk is a vulnerable commodity and requires all equipment involved to be sterile to inhibit the breeding of bacteria hence the milk tank should bear features that allow for easy cleaning and maintenance. The surfaces should be smooth to discourage the speed by which the bacteria could spread. Milk tanks prevent from curdling and spillages especially on transit.

Milk tank

Milk tank


Most of the milk tank manufacturers come from India and China where the suppliers are diverse and many. For instance stainless steel storage milk tanks are manufactured at Wenzhou Lihong Light Industry Machinery Co. and Krishna Industries in India that was specializing in manufacture and export of stainless steel milk equipment .Other manufacturers include Zhejiang Dayu Light Industrial Machinery Co., Chuangfu Machinery Co. and Nanjing Zhenxian. Other countries involved in the manufacture of milk tanks include Turkey, Pakistan, Czech Republic, Thailand and United Arab Emirates. European manufacturers are Japy, Packo, Alpha Laval and Prominox.