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Milking parlour

Milking Parlour: General information

A milking parlour is agricultural equipment designed to increase efficiency in dairy farming. Through its mechanical features, a milking parlour makes milk harvesting easier. The parlour makes it possible to milk cows at their own pace. A farmer can maximize milk production by acquiring milking parlours that are economical and easy to use in any specific farming condition.


As dairy farms vary in herd size and staff requirements, different types of parlours are available in order to increase profits even in diverse farming conditions. GEA Farm Technologies based in Germany, Full wood in the UK, Delaval in Sweden and Gascogne in France offer many different types of this equipment.

Milking parlour

Milking parlour

There are different types of parlours. Parallel parlours are used for milking bigger herds. They reduce milking time and saves costs that would have been used to employ personnel. In this parlour, cows are set to stand on an elevated platform at 90 –degree-facing way from the operator-corridor. To ensure that all the places are used, Interlocking fronts prevent the use of a milking space before adjacent ones are used.

For small herds, herringbone parlours are the most preferred. Cows stand in a fish bone angleto the operator-corridor and the back half of the cows are set in a position that makes it is easy to milk from the sides. This provides room for an arm type detacher and similar facilities. On completion of milking, the cows walk straight ahead out of the parlour to give room for the rest.

A rotary parlour is a round parlour where the heads of the cows point to the middle. It is equally essential as it ensures a hassle free, smooth, and quite milking process; its functions are largely automated. This makes this equipment to accommodate larger heard, greater than 1000 cows.

Finally,in tandem parlours, cows stand parallel to the operating-corridor . This tandem is recommended for milking individual cows.