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Mixer (Hay tool): General Information

Making hay is a prudent decision if you want to improve in cattle farming, because hay is used as fodder during winter when the cattle cannot graze outside. The dry matter is also a great way of improving production especially in dairy cattle. This ensures that the farmer does not lose on milk or meat production. Making hay involves a lot of processes and uses several equipment. One of them is the hay mixer. This is a tool used to mix the components needed to make hay in the best texture possible. Good hay should be high in energy and have maximum benefit to the cattle. The materials used to make it should hence be high in energy and protein, be palatable and very dense. You can mix for example hay with grains or other nutritional plants.

The hay mixer is a trailer pulled by a tractor. It is often linked with a long tube and comes in different sizes depending on the capacity it can hold.




This equipment dates back to the agrarian revolution when man incorporated technology into the agricultural field. This was in a bid to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency in farm production. The mixer has undergone several changes in the past to improve its performance and capacity. One can create several hay mixes with this tool. There is for example mixes called “ quick-to-grow “, “highland pasture”, “hay grazing”, “lowland dairy”, “dairy HP pasture” and the” dairy master hay”.


Several companies have manufactured their own models of the hay mixer. The Alimat mixer has a capacity of 424 cubic feet and can be found in France. The Jeulin mixer has a wide range of models. These include 90963, Activa, Europa17, DX 75, Power 22, Bol melangeur, Boomerang, and Winner 24. The price ranges from 1000 to 90000 £. The Kuhn mixer also comprises of a number of models. They include 1270, 1360 euromix, Euromix 1070, SP 14, SPH 14, SPH 18, Profile 1880 and Euromix 850.