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Mowers: General Information

A mower is a common tool found in farms, used for cutting plants such as grass, corn or fruits that grows on the ground. Only the parts of the plants are cut that are at the earth’s surface. The roots stay in the ground so they can sprout another time. Mowers come in all shapes and sizes, and the task of choosing one can be more difficult than the mowing itself.

Different Models of mowers

Most mowers are equipped with a large amount of blades that allow the user to fully customize and choose the width to be cut, ranging from 4 to up to 38 feet. Though in the past, most mowers were pulled by horses or donkeys, today we have the much faster and efficient tractor to do that job. Smaller mowers can reach speeds of up to 35 km/h, allowing you to get the job done in a heartbeat. The blades can be located at the front, back, or right in the middle, between the two sets of tractor wheels.



Most mowers these days are ride-on, that is, the driver rides on the mower itself. You can choose between closed cabins that are purchased for example by Krone, which are usually more expensive, and open cabins, the economical choice, from Pöttinger or Vicon, for example. For those of you working in the summer and dealing with high temperatures, some mowers even come with A/C!

Another thing to keep an eye on when buying a mower is fuel efficiency. Intuitively one might think, the smaller the mower the more efficient it will be. But keep in mind that efficiency is measured in terms of acres mowed per litre of petrol. And finally, don't forget about the warranty. Big names like John Deere might cost you a bit more, but they generally offer better warranty and customer service, just in case something goes wrong.