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No-till seed drill

No-till seed drill: General Information

Agriculture has always been part of any civilization. It’s our way of ensuring that everyone is well fed this stabilize the economy of a country. Through the years, we continue to evolve and develop technologies in order to make our lives easier. For example in the agriculture industry, machines have been created and developed that made planting and harvesting a lot easier. A good example of such machinery is the no-till seed drill.

The No-till Seed drills enables farmers to plant their crops without having to till the soil or disturb its natural minerals. Compared to the old way of planting where the soil is tilled, no-tilling enables the nutrients in the soil to stay intact for. This ensures the best nutrition for the plants.

No-till seed drill

No-till seed drill

How does a No-till Seed Drill work and what are its benefits?

A no-till seed drill works by carefully making trenches in the soil. This will be the place where the seed will be planted. It does not need to till the land completely or disturb the soil alignment. It only makes a small trench where the seed is dropped from the hind part of the machine. The no-till seed drill enable farmer to cover more planting area than the regular manual work.

The no-till seed drill enables the farmer to increase their farm yield and as well to decrease labor cost. It lessens the amount of worker in your field which is ideal for farmers with large farming area. This machine is not developed to replace human labor but rather increase their output through work.

The no-till seed drill makes the alignment of the planted seeds more convenient for growth as the placement and the gap between planted seeds are controlled by the machine. You don’t have to calculate the spacing of the seeds while maximizing the nutrient gained by the plant. This machine is an easy way to do work without losing the art of farming.

When thinking of a way to maximize profit and cutting the expense in farming, try purchasing the no-till seed drill for it is all what a large area farmer needs.



The most important brands for no-till seed drills are: Väderstad, Simba, Horsch and Kuhn