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Pick-Up for Self-Propelled Forage Harvester

Pick-Up for Self-Propelled Forage Harvester

When it comes to harvesting, the freshly cut plants are piled it long rows that are called windrows. A Pickup picks the plants up and transports them to a conveying unit. The already cut crop thickens in girth facilitating smooth cutting and feeding to the machine. If grain is cut with a swather and put to swaths, the harvester has to be equipped with a pick-up instead of a cutterbar. The knives are sharpened by a stone that is controlled by the system in place. The system hydraulically opens the stone door and a motor moves the stone as it sharpens every knife.

The pickup consists of a main shaft and usually there are 5 shafts mounted around the main shaft on which the pickup tines are attached. The machine produces a swinging motion of the tines.

Often, there are blades attached above the pickup, which, depending on crop conditions and can be folded in or out. This is particularly important when harvesting silage in order to achieve better compaction in the silo which guarantees better quality forage.

There exists some series of harvesters that have been developed to cater for increasing thickness of the pickups. For instance the FR 9000 Series contains a 33.5 inch of feeding area and a 34.5 inch width of the cutter head. It is the largest Pick-Up for Self-Propelled Forage Harvester around having 24 knives to guarantee the greatest capacity. A good quality to maintain with the Pickups is to ensure that the knives are very sharp as the cutting precision will be at its best.

Pick-Up for Self-Propelled Forage Harvester

Pick-Up for Self-Propelled Forage Harvester


The Pick-Up for Self-Propelled Forage Harvester was created and presented in the year 1973 by August Claas in Germany. Some of the acknowledged manufacturers include John Deere ,Windrow Auger Pickup for Self-Propelled Forage Harvester, Kemper Header, Claas and Gruber KG.