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Boom Lifts / Aerial Work Platforms

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Self-Propelled Booms Genie Z45-25JIC - 18,072 £
Self-Propelled Booms JLG 600S - 19,818 £
Self-Propelled Booms JLG 450AJ - 17,467 £
Truck-Mounted Boom Lifts Hand-made
Truck-Mounted Boom Lifts Hand-made
Manitou 80 VJR
Self-Propelled Booms Genie S45 - 23,177 £
Self-Propelled Booms JLG 860SJ - 46,690 £
Self-Propelled Booms Genie GS4390RT
Self-Propelled Booms Skyjack SJ9250RT
Self-Propelled Booms JLG 450AJ - 23,177 £
Self-Propelled Booms JLG 1930ES
Self-Propelled Booms Genie S85 - 50,721 £
Self-Propelled Booms Genie S85 - 52,065 £
Self-Propelled Booms JLG 860SJ - 48,538 £

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Boom Lifts / Aerial Work Platforms

Aerial Work PlatformsWorking at height  now there's a problem. Ladder, scaffold, Mobile Elevated, Working Platform ?

The regulations don't help with choosing the right solution  that is down to you. What they do is advise on how to assess the risks and to make sure your people are trained.

This article looks at Mobile Elevated Working Platforms (MEWP) as a solution to your working at height requirements.From platforms that can attach to your work van (like the Skyking Hybrid) to standalone platforms (like the MEC Titan Boom) the range of aerial platforms available are wide and varied. If you have a job where the platform needs to move around frequently then Boom lifts (cherry pickers) are your best solution. If the job is static and heavier loads need to be lifted  then a scissor lift is the best solution. These are now available as all-terrain platforms. A one-man operation requires a standard mast lift  These are compact and flexible aerial platforms that serve a variety of needs at most heights and can operate indoors or out.

Boom Lifts / Aerial Work Platforms
Boom Lifts / Aerial Work Platforms

Snorkel  Terex (Genie) and JLG are just some of the players that operate in this sector. All offer a comprehensive range of products that are engine-powered  battery-powered or hybrid solutions ; which makes using the platforms on site or inside an office building possible at any time.

Regardless of where you plan to use the platform  make sure the platform you use is suitable for the environment and provides additional features beyond transport and access; such as having electrical outlets or compressed air connectors for your power tools. Working at Height is complicated enough  having everything you need to hand can only make it simpler.