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Potato harvester

Potato Harvester – General Information

A potato harvester is a machine used for harvesting potatoes. It was invented in the year 1889 by John Moses. It is basically used for farming potatoes.

The machine lifts potatoes from the bed which is used as a share. The farmer transfers crop and soil on top a series of webs to sieve out the loose oil. The potatoes are transferred in the direction of the backside of the harvester onto a detachment unit and subsequently on a picking table which is operated manually. Workers pick up stones, haulm, clod and reject clod. The potatoes are then moved to a side elevator and in a potato box or in a trailer.

A potato harvester is available in different versions according to the needs of the end users. Some versions come with a single row lift while others come with six row lifting. Some machines are trailed behind tractors while others are automated. Those who need a potato harvester for a small sized farm opt for a simple machine that comes with single row lift. Such a machine is capable of harvesting small fields. On the other hand, those who have a large plot of land or agro based business engaged in potato harvesting activity choose sophisticated potato harvesters that come with six row lifts and other excellent features. These are heavy duty machines which are used for prolonged hours.

Potato harvester

Potato harvester


Depending on the end usage, farmers or business organizations choose potato harvesters accordingly. A number of manufacturers are producing this useful piece of equipment. Lenco Potato, standen-pearson T3, dewulf R 3000 MEGA, Grimme DR1500 and 1220A Double-Row Potato are well known brands offering potato harvesters. United States, Netherlands, England and China are some of the leading countries supplying different versions of potato harvesters all over the world.