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Potato planter

Potato planter : General Information

Potato planters come in a variety of forms ranging from small planters that you might have in your home garden to larger scale farming devices that can be hitched behind a tractor. Potatoes are popular amongst consumers and need special potato growing equipment. Using an automatic potato planter makes it even easier to grow a large number of potatoes and increase yield.


Dan Albone, a 19th century inventor was the first to have the idea of an automatic potato planter. He came up with many related inventions including the Ivel Agricultural Motor, an early version of the modern tractor. His ideas were used for the invention of the potato planter in the 20th century.

Potato planter

Potato planter

Buying a planter

Automatic potato planters come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Depending on the size of the area you are farming, you may choose different features. Two-row planters are often standard, however one-row planters are also available. The one-row planters’ unit can be mounted off to give the same row spacing as a two-row planter and can save on expenses for smaller farms. Potato planters can also fertilize the area around the seed which helps the potatoes to grow and saves time for the farmer as fertilization does not have to be done separately.

Compared to a lot of farming equipment, potato planters can be fairly small to store, with the smaller versions being fairly narrow and having just two wheels. The larger the area you wish to plant potatoes over, the larger the potato planter that you will choose to purchase is likely to be. The smaller versions can be attached to small tractors, whilst the larger potato planters require big tractors to pull them.


There are many manufacturers of potato planters, including Underhaug, Kverneland, Hassia, Gruse, Grimme and Cramer.