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Potatoes storage

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Potatoes storage

Potato Storage Equipment: General Information

In potato farming the equipment used is an essential part of ensuring that the business is productive and successful. These days, there is a whole range of potato storage equipment available to help these farmers to get the best from their agricultural efforts so that they can offer the freshest potatoes to customers. These days, farmers can take advantage of sophisticated storage systems with things like variable frequency fan drives, the ability to monitor control systems via a smartphone, and intelligent sensors to monitor and regulate the temperature and carbon dioxide levels. On the other hand, potato storage equipment contains also simple containers or ventilators.

Potatoes storage

Potatoes storage


Storing potatoes and keeping them fresh is certainly a delicate process. There are certain key conditions required for storage in order to slow down the potatoes natural decomposition process. This includes a well-ventilated area, complete darkness, and temperatures of around 4C for long term storage.

With that in mind there has been much development over the years in the effort to store potatoes for the longest time possible. From an original A-frame system, thought up by a man named Walt Sparks, the evolution of potato storage has come a long way with lots of new technology being introduced along its journey.


There are many manufacturers these days that offer potato storage equipment and all will vary in terms of costs and effectiveness. A few manufacturers have emerged as the industry leaders however, and are known for producing good quality and reliable equipment. Restrain is premium manufacturer in this business and they can provide a special potato sprout inhibitor, which is useful in ensuring that the potatoes are not only kept fresh on the inside but that they look fresh on the outside too. Gorman Controls Ltd. specializes in the manufacturing and installation of various potato installation equipment. They work closely with the manufacturer to develop tailored storage solutions. Kiremko offers a complete potato processing solution, including dryers, blanchers and storage equipment. Farm Electronics are also manufacturers of various high quality potato storage solutions but they offer a good range of energy efficient equipment. Octagon Products are a manufacturer that produces worldwide potato storage equipment. They offer such things as air humidifiers, ventilation systems, and computer networked temperature controllers.