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Power harrow

Power Harrow - Parts and functions

A power harrow is an agricultural implement used to turn over the soil and level it while preparing an area for planting. It is different from plough in the sense that, the latter is used for a deeper tillage. Power harrows leave the soil with a softer look and having granulated yet leveled appearance, as required for sowing seeds or seedlings.

There are different subcategories of power harrows, like for example Rotary harrows, Reciprocating harrows, Rotavators, Digging machines, Stone crushers and Stone removal equipment.

While other forms of harrows are fabricated to function with the force of pull applied by animals or tractors, power driven harrows are somewhat different; power harrows may involve reciprocating motion of the rotary blades and the bearings work in close proximity to the soil. Power harrows are ideal for deeper soil work; they are advantageous in the sense that they can be easily used in combination with other implements, such as hitching them behind light seed drills.

Power harrow

Power harrow


The history of harrow can be associated with the history of the plough itself. Harrows are being used since the time of Egyptians; some of the early harrows were nothing but a collection of thorny bushes or twiggy branches attached to a wooden frame. Over time, harrows have evolved considerably, and you can find present day power harrows with tines as their main component. Tines are long curvilinear metal apparatus that penetrate into the soil and overturn it, uprooting the weeds and making the soil crumbly smooth.


While considering a power harrow for your purpose, you need to pay attention to several components of the machine and its potential accessories. You need to study the movement of tines and judge whether it is fit for your kind of soil or not. You should also consider maintenance possibilities and the availability of spare parts. In general forged steel tines are better than cast iron ones, as they can withstand greater wear and tear and don’t give away easily once they find an unprecedented stony surface or gravel.

The most important brands that produce power harrows are: Kuhn, Maschio, Lely, Concept and Amazone.