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Precision Seeder

Precision Seeder: General Information

In agriculture, a precision seeder is a machine that allows precise distribution of seeds. For vegetable growers, a precision seeder is a valuable tool in ensuring that seeds are properly placed over an area of soil. It enhances seed spacing and depth control which, in turn, helps vegetable growers provide an efficient space for the growth and development of their crops. In general, precision seeders help improve yields for up to 50 percent.

Precision seeders come in various shapes, sizes, and functionalities. Generally, however, such machines can be categorized into five major types, namely the belt type, plate type, vacuum type, pneumatic type, and grooved cylinder type.

Precision Seeder

Precision Seeder

Examples and Manufacturers

A good example of the belt type is the Stanhay 820 belt planter. This belt seeder by Stanhay is perfect for small-scale planting because it is easy to operate and simple to maintain.

John Deere 33, on the other hand, is a fine example of the plate-type precision seeder. Optimum spacing can be achieved using this machine by controlling the speed of the turn of the plates.

Gaspardo and Monosem are two brands that offer vacuum-type precision seeders. Such pieces of equipment make use of a combination of gears as well as hole number per plate to achieve various spacing.

For crops with large seeds such as snap beans and sweet corn, the ideal seeder is the pneumatic type. Here, a drum holds the seeds until the air pressure breaks and seeds are dropped in tubes and placed into the soil afterwards. And lastly, the grooved cylinder type is recommended for coated seeds. Seeds are scattered at desired depth and space by way of forward speed and turning rate.

For farmers who wish to reduce seed costs and produce high-quality harvests, there are quite a few hand-push and powered precision seeder brands available in the market. Although the importance of land preparation and irrigation cannot be underestimated, remember that having a precision seeder is just as critical in achieving all your agricultural goals.