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Press for wine making: General Information

One must not have a press in order to make wine as one can buy packaged wine making juices. However, the equipment becomes important in order to make use of other fruits easy. Handling the wine grape is more efficient and easy using a wine press. Making wine requires a lot of grape pulp and this is made faster by using a wine press. The amount of pulp needed is determined by the type of grapes. Wild grapes have more flavour and acidity than the home grapes. These require less pulp as water will be used to dilute it in order to produce the desired flavour and amount of acidity.

A wine press often has a long cylindrical shape. Other types have a cylindrical bottom with circulating handles on top that crush the fruits to create pulp. Wine presses differ in size depending on the amount of wine needed to be produced.




The Romans were the first people to invent wine presses. The equipment was however not as developed as the modern day wine press. Wooden presses are nowadays replaced by metal presses and other electronic was added. Technologyhas led to manufacture of more efficient wine presses with a large capacity.


This is a very common device with a wide range of models and makes. The Vaslin wine press consists of several models, semi-automatique and automatique versions among others. These can produce up to 900 gallons of wine depending on the model and can cost between £ 300 and 50000. Other manufacturers are amos, Coq ,Diemme , Tecnova 80 and CEP.