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Rakes: General information

A rake is a simple garden or field implement with a long handle attached to a set of prongs. This is the common hand-rake for domestic uses. The handle can be made of wood but the head is usually made of either iron or steel. It is mainly used to clear fallen leaves and twigs as well as loose soil from a lawn or garden. A rake used to remove leaves and twigs is usually considered 'light duty' while a 'heavy duty' rake is used for clearing stones and small rocks. When it is used for farming, it places the hay that was cut before in long rows. In this way it can be later more easily collected from the fields (for example by a round baller).This saves both time and effort for the farmer. You can tidy up your field in a very short time by using the rake.

There are complex kinds of rakes made in different shapes for use in large farms. They are commonly known as hay rakes since they are typically used to load large loads of hay. Examples are rotary rakes, side-delivery rakes and wheel rakes with a number of wheels (4, 5, or 6).




Hand rakes have been in use in various parts of the world from the beginning of the 19th Century. At that time they were very simple implements mostly fan-shaped, for gathering dead leaves in the backyard during the fall season. Later on, there were horse-drawn rakes used to make hay. The more mechanical rakes used nowadays, like the rotary rakes, were developed in the 20th Century.


There are a wide range of models in the market, though, and one can shop around online to get the best make depending on the work to be done. If you want to get excellent rakes, here are the main manufacturers:

- Pöttinger

- Claas

- Krone

- Khun

- Fella