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Reciprocating harrow

Reciprocating Harrow: General Information

Harrows are used to finish up the job done by tilling. It smoothen the land and makes it ready for the seeds to be planted. Development has been done to improve farming as well as make it easier for farmers to cover more area with less effort and work. One of the upgrade to the ordinary harrow is the introduction of the reciprocating harrow.

There are many types of harrows and each are individually created for a specific task and climate. The main harrow types are disc, chain, tine and disc chain. For those with cool climate, the disc harrows are widely used while for those heavy works, the most commonly used harrow type is the tine harrow.

The best innovation to the normal harrows is the application of the reciprocating system. This allows better usage and storage. Usage in a sense that it can be easily transported without having to consume a lot of space as well as make the sharp edges of the harrow covered by reciprocating the sharp edges

Another quality of a reciprocating harrow is that it isn’t a machine that takes a lot of space when storing. It’s like a fold-able bed that can be folded when not in use whilst not consuming that needed space for your work or family time. Space is important and we are always looking for ways to maximize space and the reciprocating harrow is a machine that will definitely make a good addition to your farm machinery yet consume less space when stored.

Reciprocating harrow

Reciprocating harrow


There are many manufacturers of the reciprocating harrows like the Brandt, the Blanchard and Riteway. The price range depends on the size and the brand. The larger the size and built of the reciprocating harrow, the higher the price. Either way, even if it cost more, the area covered as well as time spent farming is lessened.

Using the reciprocating harrow, time farming as well as the labor cost is lessened while greatly increasing the yield.