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Rotavators: General information

The Rotavator helps in the process of the cultivation. As a special type of power harrow, the machine is used for braking up the soil and tilling the soil before sowing. It has rotating blades or disks which help in getting the specific gesture of the upper surface of the soil by doing rotational motions. Rotavators can be adapted to different types of soil. It is also very beneficial for the farmers as it give the crumbling effect to the soil and makes it perfect for the farming. The machine is considered as an accessory of a tractor, as it is mounted on standard tractors. It is mostly used in the large garden areas and farms.

This is the only equipment which is highly beneficial for farming as it helps in preparing the perfect soil bed for seed plantation five times faster than traditional machinery. It has different types used for the different types of farming and gardening process such as the gardening rotavator, the frontline rotavator, and the rear line rotavator.




The rotavator is manufactured by famous companies. The lists of top manufacturing companies are as follows: Kuhn, Howard, Rau, Maschio, Muratori, Dutzi, Perugini, Terranova, Carraro, Celli, Agric and Carré.


The rotavator was invented in the year 1912 by Arthur Clifford Howard, who later establishes the Howard rotavator company in 1922.