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Round baler

Round Baler: General Information

When you are specialized in cattle farming or tedding, the first thing that you need to keep in mind is that you should get a round baler. This is a type of vehicle which compresses grass that has been cut before, to cylinder-shaped bales. Different plants can be pressed, as for example straw, cotton, silage or hay. As the finished result is round, it can be easily rolled, which means a huge advantage when it comes to transport and storage. The rolling is made by rollers or rubberized belts that are mounted in the machine. At times a combination of the two is used. When the bale reaches its pre-determined size, twine or netting is used for fixing it so that it retains the shape. The back of the machine opens itself and the rolled bale trundles out. A bale can weigh up to 1 ton.

Round balers are no self-propelled machines. They are pulled by vehicles such as tractors or other strong vehicles. For this reason, they usually have only one axis.

Round baler

Round baler


Before the nineteenth century, hay was cut manually and these stored in haystacks. Later on during the 1860s, mechanical cutting devices were developed and later on modern tedding equipment like mechanical mowers and balers were invented. Charles Withington was the first person to invent a knotter device which bundles and bind hay in the year 1872. The baler was then commercialized two years later by Cyrus McCormick.

Buying a baler

If you are considering the idea of buying a baler then you should go for the round baler because this is the most common type of baler. This kind of baler produces cylinder-shaped rolled bales.

If you want to save some money on round balers then you are better off purchasing a used round baler. One of the top companies that offer baler is John Deere. This company is found in the UK. You can also go for Welger company or Vicon as both of these are very popular too. Mascar is another popular company available in the United Kingdom that manufactures such machines. One can visit the official websites of these companies and browse through various models in order to find out which would prove to be suitable for one. It is better to invest some time in researching rather than to end up buying the wrong machine due to lack of research.