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A saw is a blade used to cut materials, mainly wood but also metals, stone, etc... There are different saws depending on the material to be cut, depending on the shape of the saw or the mechanism used: hand saw, compass saw, handle saw, metal saw, chain saw, circular saw, band saw...



Saws are manipulated at different stages of woodworking. Hand saws had been replaced by chain saws to cut down trees. Then, logs should be cut. Sawmills can be either movable or not. If they are movable, it's temporary, saws can be used by woodsman, farmers, carpenters, ...
Saws can be classified depending on the material they cut or the technology used.

Plank saw

There are two kinds of plank saws:

  • Blade saws, band or chain, is still and the log moves,
  • Saws where the log is still and the blade moves.
Plank saw can transform the log into future plots with a flat cutting or cube trays. The timber will then be reworked for uses in carpentry, woodworking or furniture.

The horizontal plank saw can cut big logs (over 18 meters long). There are also vertical log saws.

Band saw

Band saws have two wheels to tight the band and run it. It has a limitless movement. It can be sharpened to one or both sides. The band saw can cut a big height that will be the main difference with the circular saw.
They can also cut in a straight line to a very high speed and in curvy shape too. The band saws are better than circular saws to cut fretwork.
However, its speed and power give some flaws: cuts are often less accurate than those made with circular saws.

The circular saw consists of a disk / blade, a table, a frame to absorb vibration. Circular saws are used for edging or cutting wood. The cut is straight. Circular saws are generally used for hard wood.

Saws require some safety tips. In some countries saws must comply with strict standards.