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Self loading wagons

Self Loading Wagons: History

The invention of the wagons came as a result of human effort to ease loading and carriage of logs. Self loading wagons were solid eight wheeled wooden wagons. The wagon become popular in Mississippi as it performed exceptionally on the rough Mississippi terrain. It was invented by John Lindsey in the 1890s a woodworker; it was not until 3rd January 1899 the self loading wagon was patented in the United States of America under Patent number 617,172. In the olden times it was pulled by horses but the improved version of it uses the vehicle technology to haul it. Its’ use has spread to various parts of the world.

General information

The wagon hauling has shifted from horse hauling to new state of art automobile hauling. Current wagon assembling firms have improved the vessel making it perform exceptionally. It is now used to load harvesting products like grass or hay. The Self-loading wagons are categorized according to their load conveyor which can be chain-operated or equipped with a fork rotor. The forage loader has three to four mounted forks that enables loading of products onto the machine. The chain driven one conveys the product into the rear container and can accommodate an installation of 7 knives protected from foreign objects by a spring that enables them to be quickly withdrawn and immediately returned to an operating position.

Self loading wagons

Self loading wagons


There are several self load wagon brands. Some of the leading manufactures and most popular models of their range are:

1) Pöttinger Euro profi 3 manufactured in the Netherlands

2) Claas QUANTUM 3500P from the UK

3) Riberi 20 M3 by a French manufacturer

4) Bonino AB 80

5) Kuhn KS36T

6) New Holland 1006 C