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Self-propelled sprayer

Self-propelled sprayer: General Information

Self-propelled sprayer deliver insecticides, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, and other fertilizers to crops and other plants. The sliquids are used to control plant diseases and insects that could damage the crop. Pesticide application combines chemistry with biology, agronomy and biotechnology. Mechanical sprayers are the most commonly used for pesticide applications in conventional agriculture. Hydraulic sprays pump chemicals from a large tank either through a lance with a single nozzle or several nozzles through a boom. Spray drift is avoided by adding water to the mixture creating larger droplets. Extensive research has gone into proving that larger droplets also penetrate the target area more efficiently.

Self-propelled sprayers are large vehicles with a tank on the back in which a capacity of 75 to 92 000 gallons can be filled. The spray booms are connected behind the tank. Some self-propelled sprayers can achieve road speeds of 50 km/h. Other systems can be designed on a trailer and pulled by a tractor.

Self-propelled sprayer

Self-propelled sprayer



Matrot are French manufacture self-propelled sprayers for the agricultural industry. The company was founded by Louis and Jean-Paul Matrot over fifty years ago and has won several awards including a spraying world record.

Caruelle Nicolas Thomas

Caruelle Nicolas is located in Orléans Loire Valley France established in 1871 manufacturing Sprayers for vineyards and orchards. Over the years Caruelle has developed their sprayers to combine efficiency and precision.


Hardi was established in 1957 by a Danish gardener called Hartvig Jensen the company manufactures self-propelled sprayers and agricultural equipment from its facilities in Copenhagen, and distributes throughout Europe.


Agco Corporation was founded in 1990 its products are sold under several world famous brands: Challenger, Massey Ferguson, Fendt and Valtra. The company exports to a 140 countries.

Equipment Technologies

Equipment Technologies are the largest independently owned self-propelled sprayer manufacturers in North America. The company’s headquarters are in Mooresville, Indiana., with a large direct sales team and independent dealers distributing throughout the whole of North America.