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Silage facer bucket

Silage Facer Bucket for Fodder Dosage: General Information

A Silage facer bucket is a piece of equipment used for feeding ruminants with silage. It was originally invented in the year 1872 by Charles Withington in the form of a knotter device for bundling and binding hay. Silage is a high fermented moisture fodder which farmers use to feed ruminants or use as a bio-fuel feedstock for animals. Feeding every single animal on a afarm is a daunting chore. Hence, it becomes essential to have equipment which helps to feed animals in less time.

A silage facer bucket is a big bucket which can be attached to the front of a tractor. It can handle round bales and load silage.

Silage facer bucket

Silage facer bucket

Buying a Silage Facer Bucket and its main manufacturers

With increasing usage of silage face buckets, the demand for the equipment is increasing. Hence, many brands are coming up with a wide range of products to cater to the needs of different class of customers. You can find high end expensive products as well as basic and affordable products. People with limited budget and low requirements choose a basic product or second-hand buckets.

Some of the leading brands of silage face bucket are Shelbourne Reynolds, Mailleux, Lamy, Emily and Robert, and France, England and Belgium are major producers of silage face buckets.