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Soil preparation work

Soil Preparation Equipment for wine grapes

If one is looking forward to producing wine grapes, then he should be informed about the soil preparation equipment. As the soil is the main source of nutrients for grape roots, wine farmers have to know about the soil differences in order to enable seedlings to grow into healthy plants. Soil can contain various materials and therefore require special types of equipment. As wine plants cannot be moved after planting, once the grains are sown you have chosen a permanent home. Considering that the soil is only prepared once before planting, the very first preparation is very important.

There are various types of soil preparation equipment as for example tillers. While it might be possible to break up the soil in a small area by raking, it won’t be feasible in case of a large commercial vineyard. Therefore in such a case it would be best to use a tiller. This kind of soil preparation equipment works by roughly digging the soil in order to break it down and get it ready for landscaping or planting. Other equipment used are: Shredders in order to shredder the rest of plants which fertilizes the soil, seedbed cultivators that loosen the topsoil and rotary harrows that can be used for lump leveling. However, one can also find other machinery in this section.

Soil preparation work

Soil preparation work


There are a lot of brands who fabricate them. Some well-known brands are French. Some French companies are Egretier, Gard, Ferrand, Berthelot, Gregoire and Kuhn.

There is also the option of purchasing used or brand new equipment. In case you do not want to spend a fortune on purchasing this equipment then it would be wiser to go for used ones that are still functional.